You can call us anytime at: 843-802-0919

Our goal is to provide adequate nutrition for the elderly, ill, injured and disabled individuals, thus making it possible for them to live independently in their own homes. That defines who is qualified. Age and income are never a factor. We conduct a private, friendly interview to determine a prospective client’s needs and ability to pay. Clients who cannot pay the full cost of the meals pay what the they can afford, if anything.

Yes! You may need meals for a short while, perhaps after a hospital stay or while recovering from an injury. YOU determine how long you need our services.

Lunchtime meals are delivered five days a week between Monday and Friday, even on holidays. If you need fewer meals in a week, we can work with you to determine the best schedule for your needs.

No! If you or a family member feel our services are needed, simply call us at 843-802-0919. If you prefer, you or someone else can fill out THIS ONLINE FORM instead of calling.

The meals we provide are nutritious, heart-healthy lunchtime meals. All meals are low sodium and low in sugar. Meals include a dessert and a beverage.

Yes! Upon request, we can arrange for diabetic and pureed meals.

We deliver to clients on Hilton Head Island, the Bluffton area and Sun City.

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