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Volunteer drivers are always needed to deliver the meals a few Monday-to-Friday mornings per month. A typical route includes about a dozen homes in the area. We have clients both on-island and off (Bluffton/Sun City). Drivers use their own automobiles and provide coolers to keep meals warm and beverages cool.

Volunteer Driver Application

It all depends on which route you are willing to drive. But some routes only require 1 morning a month! Contact us and we will work with you to find a route that meets your schedule requirements.

On days that you drive, you will need to be at our facility at 75 Capital Drive on Hilton Head Island between 9:30 and 10 AM. Bring along a couple of coolers, one for hot meals and the other one for cold drinks. You will receive a roster of names for the route you are driving. Based on that list, you will gather up the supplies you need for your deliveries. After packing up your coolers, you head out and deliver a hot, nutritious meal to those on your route list. You can usually be done by about 12 noon.

In a word, yes. Most of the routes are compact so distances are not great.

In most cases we deliver between ten and fifteen meals per route. We finish around noon.

Currently, there are four routes on Hilton Head Island and three off-island in and around Bluffton. You will usually drive the same route each time. The advantage is that you learn the route and get to know some of our wonderful clients.

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